Rachael Elrod

Faculty Profile

Rachael Elrod

Director of the Education Library
Associate University Librarian
Education Library Room 1502

Rachael Elrod

Ed.D. University of Florida, Higher Education Administration
MSLS University of Kentucky, Library Science
M.Ed. University of Louisville, Counseling Psychology
B.S. Campbellsville University, Psychology & Sociology

Research Interests: Information seeking behavior of students, emerging educational technologies, assessment of library services, higher education administration and leadership

Subject Specialist for Counselor Education; Educational Leadership; Higher Education Administration; Marriage and Family Counseling; Mental Health Counseling; Research and Evaluation Methodology; School Counseling and Guidance; School Psychology; Student Personnel in Higher Education.

Grant Activities:

Recent Scholarship:

  • Silipigni Connaway, L., Valenza, J., Cyr, C., Cataldo, T., Buhler, A., Faniel, I., Elrod, R., Graff, R., Putnam, S., Brannon, B., Hood, E. & Langer, K. (2019). Authority, context, and containers: Student perceptions and judgments when using Google for school work. IFLA Conference Paper. Retrieved from https://ufdc.ufl.edu/IR00010953/00001
  • Hines, A., Elrod, R., Huet A., Ewing, S., & Freund, L. (2019). Putting the audience in charge of the message: Assessment of student-generated public relations campaigns in an academic library. Marketing Libraries Journal, 2(3), 65-79. Retrieved from http://journal.marketinglibraries.org/summer2019/06_MLJv3i2_Feature_HinesEtAl.pdf
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  • Elrod, R. (2019). “I didn’t realize that I needed books that often”: A narrative inquiry approach to understanding student experiences during the temporary closure of a branch library. Journal of Learning Spaces, 8(1), 10-18. Retrieved from http://libjournal.uncg.edu/jls/article/view/1749
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